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 Software Testing Training Program  

"If you don’t care about quality, you can meet any other requirement.” - Gerald M. Weinberg

Overview of the Software Testing World:

Software testing involves the execution of software or an application to ensure its quality. The testing process basically involves finding the defects and getting them fixed from the developers. Software testing is carried out by software testers. This field has various roles based on designation hierarchy like tester, test lead, manager etc. Testing and debugging was first differentiated by Glenford J. Myers in 1979. Dave Gelperin and William C. Hetzel were the ones who defined in 1988, the phases and goals in software testing. Manual testing and automation testing can be called the two pillars of testing as it can be carried out in these two ways. You may come across terms like QA and QC in testing. QA or Quality Assurance in short can be called as preventive activities, while QC or Quality Control refers to the corrective process. Testing on the other hand can be called a preventive process.

   Software Testing Scenario:

As per a research conducted by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the year 2002, suggests that defects in software cost the U.S. economy a mammoth $59.5 billion annually! One can see the significance of software testing from this very fact. To add to this, the software testing process amounts to about 40% of the total budget of an entire software project, in organizations across the globe. Now that's a huge percentage!
It is clear from these statistics that the demand for skilled software testers is very high and will be on the rise always. The average salary of a software tester is as high as 310,575 per year. Therefore, if you want to carve out a career in this field, expert training is needed.
  Our collaboration with 300+ placement clients helps candidates to concentrate on their training and perform the best to their capabilities, rather than worry about finding a job. During and post the trainingperiod, we provide candidates with unlimited interview calls, till they get placed. Candidates just need to focus on their training, as we take care of the placement part.

  CRBtech Institute of Technology:
  The training programs are conducted at the CRBtech Institute of Technology training. Equipped with the latest infrastructure and conveniently located. The centre concentrates on deriving the best from the trainees so that they are capable of managing their career roles. Excellent academia are experts in their domain have designed an effective pedagogy that meets industry needs of today.

  Manual and Automation Testing:
  Both Manual and automation testing is covered as a part of the testing course. Trainees are given practical training on QTP (Quick Test Professional), automation tool of HP. This tool is widely used in the industry for automation testing.

  German Language :
  Trainees are provided with German language training in order to meet the need of the industry

  Dedicated TechAdvisor:
  A TechAdvisor is assigned to you to consult you and address all your queries and doubts that you may have.

   A unique benefit of being a CRBtech trainee is that you are given a stipend. Earning your way while you are learning is meant to prepare you for an industry mindset.

  Pre-placement Preparation (PPP):
  CRBtech provides an overall development to its trainees. We hone your communications skills, soft skills and make you industry ready. Mock interviews sessions, technical training practice, technical GD, GD +PI preparation, Aptitude preparation and personality development.

  Lifelong Assurance Benefit:
  A key benefit of being alumni of CRBtech is that you can depend upon us to give you career opportunities whenever you come to us, because we believe in the best for you.

Mentorship and sponsorship for Global Certifications

   What is the qualification required for this particular training program?
   You can have a degree in computers like B.E. computers, BCS etc. with lots of positive attitude and a willingness to learn.
   How can I get selected into the course?
  At first you will be counseled. Then you have to give an online aptitude test followed by a personal interview. Your selection is determined thereafter.
   What is job placement guarantee?
  We promise to kick start your career with a job. Yes, we do assure you that you will get a job.
   What is the duration of the course?
  The duration is 4 months.
   Will I get a certificate at the end of this program?
  Yes. After successfully completing the program and associated project, you will receive a certificate of completion.
  Will I get any financial assistance?
  You will get a stipend during your training period so that you can pay off your loan EMI.
  What sort of companies will I get a job in?
   We have industry collaborations with 300 MNCS & MLC which includes companies like Atos, HCL, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Capgemini, Amdocs, Deloitte etc
  What about the faculty?
  We have excellent faculty who are domain experts. More than 9000 trainees who have trained with us are a testimony to the quality of our training and faculty.
  How do I pay the fees?
  Cash Option: Trainees can directly pay full cash for the fee of the course.
Credit Card EMI options: Trainees can choose an EMI option using their credit card.
Loan options: You can avail of loan options.

CRB Tech News :
3 Candidates placed in Automation Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Amruta Kulkarni placed in Fidel Softech Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Vijaya Bhad placed in Cognizant-Mumbai | Pavan Koyade placed in Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.-Baramati | Sachin Mane placed in Hyva India Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Gaurav Nagpure placed in Amazatic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | 4 Candidates are placed in AUDITime Quality Management Pvt. Ltd.-Mumbai | Alind Choudhary placed in Clover Infotech-Mumbai | 3 Candidates are placed in Ascentrik Research Services-Pune | 2 Candidates are placed in Sci-Edge Abstracts-Pune | Shivanand Jatkar placed in Kreative Sarg Technologies Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Pritam Dube placed in Cympac Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.-Pune |