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Java Training

  “Write Once, Run Anywhere“ - Sun Microsystems

Overview of Java world

Java language got computed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It is fast, reliable and secure. It is a development terminology particularly made for use in the shared atmosphere of the Internet. It was meant to have the "look and feel" of the C++ terminology, but it is much easier to use than C++ and makes sure an object-oriented development design. There are lots of programs and websites that will not work until you have Java set up, and many of such programs are created every day. It is fast, protected, and efficient. From laptop computers to datacenters, gaming control to scientific supercomputers, mobile cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere! Java developers create powerful programs and websites. One of the basic responsibilities is writing class data files. Java developers perform at every stage of the technological innovation process, through: taking requirements, developing prototypes, and establishing products.

  How will CRB Tech be your choice?
   We provide 100% placements
   For the candidates who are and become much more eligible for the placement through our intensive training.
  Top notch provision for campus drives
  We have huge links with the various kind of companies that are MNC's and mid level companies and we provide genuine campus drives for the eligible candidates.
   Training in German language
As a broader prospective, we provide foreign language training and that is in German as there might be a possibility of you working in abroad like Germany.
   Syllabus framed by highly qualified mentors
  Our syllabus in refined and framed by highly qualified domain specific mentors; who are also industrial experts and they have higher level of experience about the requirement in the industry and the candidates knowledge
   Tie-ups with mid level and MNCs
  Association with many MNCs and mid level companies would help you with a lot of options to choose one as your dream company or get placed in any company according to your eligibility criteria
   Grooming your presentation skills through seminars and workshops
  During the training we provide you opportunities to develop your presentation skills by making you to conduct seminars and workshops for their respective domain.
   Sophisticated infrastructure
  We provide infrastructure which is very much apt and suitable for the candidates for their respective domain training like computer labs and real time work environment.
  Significant points in Course
  Focus on technical knowledge
   We provide technical training for the respective that you have chosen and such training is very much affiliated towards placement and job offers.
   95% practical oriented training
  theoretical oriented training will not help for placement and jobs and therefore we provide 95% practical domain based training and it would be a preview of the job you are going to work in the future.
   Global placement oriented mapped syllabus
We have coined the syllabus for the candidates with respect to the requirement of the candidates and the job providers for global placements.


Our Candidates are placed in Mindgate, Amdocs, Capgemini, SHCIL, Vyomlabs, Fidel Softech, Propellum, Golden Source and if you look at the number of students altogether that have been placed are 98%. Even a written document named LOI or Letter of Intent is provided within 15 days of training.


   Cash Option:
  Candidates can directly pay full cash for the fee of the course
   Credit Card EMI options:
  Candidates can choose for EMI options on their credit card
   Loan options:
  Flexibility of loan options are also available for the candidates to assist them to pay their fees.

Java FAQ    Why CRB Tech?
   Placement provided over here is 100%
   Ocean of opportunities for campus drives
   Provision of foreign language training
   Refined syllabus by mentors
   Sophisticated infrastructure
   What is LOI?
   A Letter ofIntent (LOI) is a doument describing the normal programs of an agreement between two or more parties before a legal agreement is completed. A Letter of Intent is not a legal agreement and cannot be lawfully enforced; however, it represents a serious dedication from one engaged party to another.
   What is the probability of job offers and placement post your domain course?
   As mentioned above LOI is provided within the start of the 15 days of training and thereafter you get various kinds of job offers with respect to your domain and your eligibility criteria, till then we will provide you mock interview training to groom yourself and as far as placement is concerned we provide 100 percent guaranteed placement and in companies like Mindgate, Amdocs 98 students have been placed.
   Who deserves the Java course?
   Any candidate who has done his/her engineering in the field of computer science or in other words B.E/B.Tech and including B.Sc Computers and even masters are preferred and suggested for this course.
   What kind of real time projects do we really provide?
   We over here provide real time projects for related to Java and it would be domain specific in such away related to the actual job you are going to face in the future as said earlier we have refined syllabus over here with specialized mentors, it can be very well said that the projects will be real time with respect to the Java profile in the current industry.
   How would this help me?
   The program is designed in such a way such that you can get adapted to the real time environment as you would get hired in an MNC or a mid level company as a Java developer and you would need to work on those projects offered over there with respect to the companies clients. These real time projects provided over here are of great value for your future projects.
   What is the selection process for this program?
   First you would be counselled by the counsellors about the program and you would be asked to attend an online aptitude test and then the second round would be the personal interview and based on these two results your selection process would be pursued further.
   What is the duration of the training program?
   The total duration of the course is 4 months and on daily basis you need it would be 7 to 8 hrs and the program runs only during week days and the placement calls would knock your door from the first month of your enrollment.
   What about the financial assistance?
   This is a both knowlege and cash encapsulated program and that means you can earn while you learn and during your training period till you get job we help you with monthly stipend, so as to assist for your loan.
   In which companies students get hired?
   Mindgate, Amdocs, Capgemini, SHCIL, Vyomlabs, Fidel Softech, Propellum, Golden Source and if you look at the number of students altogether that have been placed are 98%. And to know more you can refer.........
   How sophisticated are our faculties?
   Our faculties are very well-off as some of them have experience working in the industry and thereafter they carved themselves into a corporate trainer.

The regular UG and PG courses for IT sector and allied fields, available in the market provide the candidate with only theoretical knowledge of the sector with no job.
The IT Recruitment and Certification Program has several unique features:

  • « A Combination of coursework, on job assignments, and interactive seminars that equip the learner with exceptional management and business skills.
  • « 100% Written Job Guarantee in a registered agreement.
  • « Rigorous and well-designed curriculum with emphasis on class participation and compulsory On Job Training.
  • « Paid On Job Trainings.
  • « Fees to be paid through Loan.
  • « No Financial burden on parents/guardians.
  • « The Loan EMI’s will be borne by CRB Tech till placements in industry.
  • « A team of best-in-class faculty.
  • « Reinforcement of concepts through case studies and On-Job Trainings.
  • « We teach foreign languages to enhance your jobs opportunities abroad.
  • « The latest developments in the field brought into the classroom.

India is fast emerging as one of the most strategic locations for global Information Technology companies to conduct their software research and development. For studies in many Information technology areas, the Indian sub-continent is desirable because of itslarge population of qualified professionals, lower manpower costs, use of English as the primary language, and a well-trained community.
The Indian IT sector is growing rapidly and it has already made its presence felt in all parts of the world. IT has a major role in strengthening the economic and technical foundations of India. Indian professionals are setting up examples of their proficiency in IT, in India as well as abroad.
The sector can be classified into 4 broad categories - IT Services, Engineering Services, ITES-BPO Services, E Business. IT Services can further be categorized into Information Services (IS) outsourcing, packaged software support and installation, systems integration, processing services, hardware support and installation and IT training and education.
Engineering Services include Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Electronic System Design (including Chip/Board and Embedded Software Design), Design Validation Testing , Industrialization and Prototyping.
IT Enabled Services are services that use telecom networks or the Internet. For example, Remote Maintenance, Back Office Operations, Data Processing, Call Centers, Business Process Outsourcing, etc. E Business (electronic business) is carrying out business on the Internet; it includes buying and selling, serving customers and collaborating with business partners.

The program is being launched currently with 5 major specializations:

  • « Database Administration
  • « Tester
  • « JAVA Developer
  • « .Net Developer
  • « SEO

The interested Candidates are required to fill up the Application Forms provided with the prospectus and submit it to CRB Tech before the last date of sending the applications.

All applications received will be scrutinized and only shortlisted candidates will be called for personal interviews. Candidates who are shortlisted will be intimated through email and/or the Institute’s website. The personal interviews will be held at PUNE.

The candidates selected in the personal interview round will be required to take admission as per guidelines.

CRB Tech News :
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