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Feedback :

Ravi Sharma's Success Story at CRB Tech

First of all, a big thanks to CRB Tech ; I finally got the selection as a Junior Java Developer at Amdocs. Support and guidance from CRB Tech Training institute was really great.

After a gap of over 2 years, finding a job with an expected profile in a reputed company is more than a dream come true. I must say the claim of 100% job guarantee by CRB Tech Pvt. Ltd. is very genuine.

You might find many on-line CRB Tech Reviews , both negative and positive, I can say that you should at least visit the institute ones, listen to the counselors and I'm sure you will be inspired. I personally recommend CRB Tech Solutions and my story would say why......

Here I am sharing my CRB Tech journey, which changed my course of life...

My Student Life

I completed my engineering in Computer Science from AVCOE, Sangamner in 2012 and always dream to join a big MNC. I scored 62 % and started taking pride in my abilities and with the applause of parents and neighbors, though myself a Tees mar khan!

I tried a few interviews, on being rejected thought that there are many more; that's not a big deal. I used to attend interviews in the most casual way, with no preparations. With time it happened that though I was eligible for getting through the interviews I couldn't crack any. I thought that the companies were not hiring me because they had their own candidates.

I started to live my days in a mast maula type, started skipping interviews and spent time in watching TV , loitering in and around the streets with friends and ate and slept. I never realized that time would fly so early and two years would get lost in a blink of eyes.

Everything that glitters that is not Gold

I belonged to a small town, and after visiting to a Pune which is a bigger city compared to my home place, I started spending days in exploring different nook and corners of the city. My uncle wanted me to stay with them, but I wanted my space and freedom so opted to share a rented flat with fellow roomies.

So we were five, all of the same age but one, he was one year older to us. Three of us were from IT background while one was from marketing field and another from BPO sector. Now away from home and with air of confidence in me owing to a 62% score, I started to think that jobs would come my way.

How I overcame my dilemma

After six months my parents started to pressurize me and warned me that they would not spend any money on me. This frightened me and with this a realization came to me that I didn't crack the interviews due to my poor communications skill and also my concepts were not very clear. I even had serious problems with coding. But it was too late, already spent 2 years of my life. And technologically I remained laid back. When my parents stopped sending me money, I started to find a job to earn money. It was then I got influenced by the BPO guy among us. I joined a BPO and started earning money but gradually realized that besides money another thing important is job satisfaction, and I was missing this badly.

A few directed question as why did I opt for a simple BPO job and many glared and laughed at me. I started to feel that I was being a laughing stock. Suddenly I gave up the job and it's been 2.5 years of my graduation. I started to look for job in my field but then I was no more a fresher and had an extra question popped out by the interviewers that why I didn't get job as fresher.

Well at that time I realized that competition is tougher and my theoretical knowledge was fading with no hands on. Yet I attempted many interviews,but alas! The older guy in flat announced a new rule that among us who are doing job would be exempt from household chores including cooking. And the alternate was me; I need not pay money but had to do all the domestic works done. Initially I thought that this would help me save whatever money I had then; but so sooner I realized that my self respect was being crushed. After 5 month on the go, I felt sick at the thought that all my flat mates were leaving for job daily and I was left behind to look at the household chores.

As I was losing interest in my job, I started appearing depressed . One day as I was discussing my problem with my colleague in cafeteria, he told me that he does .Net training in CRB Tech during the day time and worked in the BPO at night. Wile talking with him, I had a strange feeling that its never late to start again. He told me about CRB Tech and it's technical courses. So I thought of going to CRB Tech and take a chance in redefining my life.

My CRB Tech Journey

Immediately next day I made an inquiry at CRB Tech. Then I came to know that they provide 100% job guarantee and that too in writing. I felt very hopeful. Still, with a little doubt in my mind and with no options left, I took admission for the training and placement program in Java.

The lectures began on 18th August 2015 and there were 15 students in my batch. After seeing such few students in the classroom, I became sure that personal attention would be taken on each one of us and that's exactly what happened.

Initially I found it very boring as I was not in habit of studying since a long time. But as days passed, I found the sessions very interesting and I realized that I was gaining a lot technically. I even realized that many things are being taught which were not covered in my degree course, but very essential from job perspective. I found the JAVA Training Program outstanding.

Earlier there was lack of confidence in me for coding. The practical training provided here, gave me the confidence and now I can code in Java with much ease. Not only Java but PL-SQL as well. C, C++ and data structure was also covered in the training. The thing which I liked very much was, that the faculty answered each and every query of the students, even if it sound silly.

English was my weak point earlier and my room mates used to make fun of me. CRB Tech helped me turn it into my strength. My English communication improved gradually and helped me a lot during my interviews. Soft skill training sessions at CRB Tech improved my personality. Right from dressing style to the way I speak to people. After all, first impression is the last impression!

My habits and discipline improved after taking admission over here. I was a bit lazy and casual in my approach earlier. I was not punctual and never went to college on time. Punctuality was taught to me in a hard way at CRB Tech. But, no regrets!

After training of four months, it was the time for placement. Everybody in my batch was obviously nervous. So was I. At first we were taught how to solve aptitude questions. It was great fun. We solved lot of test papers of various companies. In one of initial tests, I even scored an anda! Ya zero! But later on, I was able to solve most of the questions. Mock interviews were also fun and confidence boosting.

CRB Tech Placement Support

Finally, it was the day of my first interview and I reached to the location on time. It was a one day process. Sadly, I could not crack the technical round and had to leave. I was depressed and met my placement coordinator at CRB Tech. My coordinator asked me to cheer up and not to worry. Later on I got a lot of placement calls from CRB Tech. To mention, it was my 10th call and I got placed in Amdocs as a “Junior Java developer” with a package of 2 Lac per annum. A dream come true!

I made the first call to my parents and gave them the news. They were very happy for me. Thanks to CRB Tech for everything. Now I could give money to my roommates as contribution to expenses. What a relief!

Mine was a late realization; but I wish that all of you do not suffer like me in your career. Therefore, I recommend that as soon as you pass out of college, take admission in CRB Tech and guarantee yourself a bright career ahead.

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