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About Us :

Welcome To CRB Tech Solutions

   CRBtech is a leading training and career development company. With experience spanning more than 15 years, CRBtech has focused on training engineers in IT, Mechanical, Electrical and Clinical Research.

   We have trained more than 9000 trainees and placed them in companies. We helped them chart their career journey with a good beginning in the industry.


Our Vision :

To be the best and most relevant science and technology training company for career commencement and professional development so as to benefit individuals to be successful and achieve their life goals. Through our best services to our clients, we look forward to add value and augment their success and in the process, become one of the prime technological institution/university in the country.

Our Mission :

We will achieve our vision by:

• Providing excellent training and service delivery to our beneficiaries/customers which is up to date with the industry requirements.
• Nurture, train and promote talent within the organisation, amongst our employees who remain motivated at all times.
• Engaging with all our stakeholders in a fair manner.

Our core values :

   We believe that excellence has to be integral to what we provide and do. It is in our brand DNA. Our service delivery will be of excellent standard which includes the training programs and trainers. We are committed to excellence in all our business practices, operations and relationships. As such, we take excellent care of our associates, who make it all happen.

   Honesty in all our actions and transactions. We believe honesty and transparency drives good business practices and we believe that we shall lead by example and be known for it. It is an example for our all our associates, for our vendors and service providers whom we work with and importantly with our customers.

  It is the reason for our being and is at the heart of our training. It is knowledge that we impart to our trainees so that they become confident, empowered, develop self-esteem and also sow the seeds of being responsible citizens. With knowledge comes power and understanding, and being knowledgeable is a signification of our authority and strength on the subject and we would like to be perceived as such.

  Relevance which will keep miles ahead to face changes and challenges. In a dynamic and ever-changing environment, businesses need to continuously evolve or face redundancy. Our training will always meet the needs of a dynamic and evolving industry.

CRB Tech News :
3 Candidates placed in Automation Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Amruta Kulkarni placed in Fidel Softech Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Vijaya Bhad placed in Cognizant-Mumbai | Pavan Koyade placed in Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd.-Baramati | Sachin Mane placed in Hyva India Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Gaurav Nagpure placed in Amazatic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | 4 Candidates are placed in AUDITime Quality Management Pvt. Ltd.-Mumbai | Alind Choudhary placed in Clover Infotech-Mumbai | 3 Candidates are placed in Ascentrik Research Services-Pune | 2 Candidates are placed in Sci-Edge Abstracts-Pune | Shivanand Jatkar placed in Kreative Sarg Technologies Pvt. Ltd.-Pune | Pritam Dube placed in Cympac Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.-Pune |